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October 26, 2017
Amid energy spats, Ukraine's economy showing resilience

Washington (UPI) Oct 25, 2017
Amid spats with Russia over natural gas, Ukraine's prime minister said Wednesday the economy for the former Soviet republic is on pace to grow at a decent clip. "The economy is showing resilience," Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman was quoted in state media as saying. "We are planning 3 percent growth for the next year." While stronger that advanced industrialized economies, the prime minister said that growth rate should be closer to at least 5 percent. To advance, he said, th ... read more

After big bet on Guyana, Hess posts big loss
Washington (UPI) Oct 25, 2017
After dumping billions of dollars in assets to focus on one particular oil field in Guyana, Hess Corp. said Wednesday its net loss almost doubled year-over-year. ... more
The biggest U.S. offshore oil and gas grab to attract the biggest firms
Washington (UPI) Oct 25, 2017
With the opening of what's described as the biggest grab of U.S. offshore assets ever, an analyst said the region is best suited for the biggest of firms. ... more
Oil price rally tested by shale expectations
Washington (UPI) Oct 25, 2017
After strong gains in previous sessions, crude oil prices retreated Wednesday on analyst expectations they had brushed up against a market ceiling. ... more
Kurdish government proposes end to independence push
Washington (UPI) Oct 25, 2017
With oil the source of regional disputes, the semiautonomous Kurdish government in northern Iraq said it was backing off its ambitions for independence. ... more
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Chinese offshore production lower than last year
Washington (UPI) Oct 25, 2017
Incremental gains in overseas production weren't enough to offset the declines in Chinese oil and gas production, state-owned CNOOC Ltd. reported Wednesday. ... more
High gas prices may crimp holiday spending, AAA finds
Washington (UPI) Oct 24, 2017
The retail price for a gallon of gasoline, up 24 cents per gallon from last year, could eat into holiday spending for U.S. consumers, retail analysis finds. ... more
Bullish signals emerging for crude oil prices
Washington (UPI) Oct 24, 2017
Bullish signals emerging Tuesday sparked only a minor rally in oil prices as traders wait to see what pans out in the actual weekly supply and demand figures. ... more
Hess goes on divestment streak to fund mega oil field
Washington (UPI) Oct 24, 2017
The more than $2 billion in divestments from Norway and Equatorial Guinea will help Hess Corp. develop its opportunities offshore Guyana, the company said. ... more
IHS: Investments moving away from U.S. Gulf of Mexico
Washington (UPI) Oct 24, 2017
Investment interest in the shale basins in the United States suggests capital is moving away from deepwater reserves, consultant group IHS found. ... more
Enbridge pipeline in Minnesota still facing opposition
Washington (UPI) Oct 24, 2017
An agency charged with part of the vetting process for a crude oil pipeline through Minnesota pressed its case that plans by Enbridge are no longer necessary. ... more

Electricity from shale gas versus coal

Gas has environmental benefits, with caveats
Washington (UPI) Oct 23, 2017
Natural gas offers a cleaner power source when compared with other fuels, but a report Monday from the IEA said comparing gas to coal sets the bar too low. ... more
Trump tells Paris, Berlin to 'keep making money' via trade with Tehran
Washington (AFP) Oct 23, 2017
US President Donald Trump said in an interview aired Sunday he does not object to France and Germany continuing trade with Iran, despite his refusal to certify the Iran nuclear deal. ... more
Tillerson attends landmark Saudi, Iraq meeting
Riyadh (AFP) Oct 22, 2017
Top US diplomat Rex Tillerson attended a landmark meeting Sunday between Saudi Arabia and Iraq aimed at upgrading strategic ties between the two countries and countering Iran's regional influence. ... more
Kremlin confirms respect for Iraq, after veiled warning on oil
Washington (UPI) Oct 23, 2017
After Iraq issued veiled warnings about oil work in the Kurdish north of Iraq, Russia's foreign minister said Monday the Kremlin respects Iraq's sovereignty. ... more

Expanding Brazilian sugarcane could dent global CO2 emissions
Champaign IL (SPX) Oct 25, 2017
Vastly expanding sugarcane production in Brazil for conversion to ethanol could reduce current global carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 5.6 percent, researchers report in the journal Nature Climate Change. This would be a massive undertaking, involving the conversion of hundreds of thousands of square miles - at its most ambitious, more than the combined land area of Texas and Califor ... more
Munich, Germany (SPX) Oct 19, 2017
Stiff fibers spun from slime
Chicago IL (SPX) Oct 16, 2017
Converting carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide using water, electricity
Leuven, Belgium (SPX) Oct 20, 2017
Separating methane and CO2 will become more efficient
New fractal-like concentrating solar power receivers are better at absorbing sunlight
Albuquerque NM (SPX) Oct 26, 2017
Sandia National Laboratories engineers have developed new fractal-like, concentrating solar power receivers for small- to medium-scale use that are up to 20 percent more effective at absorbing sunlight than current technology. The receivers were designed and studied as part of a Laboratory Directed Research and Development project and are also being applied to Sandia's work for the Solar E ... more
Washington (UPI) Oct 24, 2017
German utility sees potential in rooftop solar
Guelph, Canada (SPX) Oct 26, 2017
Recurrent Energy Announces Commercial Operation of 71 MW North Carolina Solar Project
Washington DC (SPX) Oct 23, 2017
How solar peaker plants could replace gas peakers
Construction to begin on $160 million Industry Leading Hybrid Renewable Energy Project
Canberra, Australia (SPX) Oct 20, 2017
Australia's international wind energy company Windlab Limited will begin construction of the innovative $160 million Kennedy Energy Park hybrid renewable energy project, after securing financing from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. The project is owned by Kennedy Energy Park Holdings Pty Ltd, a joint venture between Windlab and Eurus Energy Holdin ... more
Thuwal, Saudi Arabia (SPX) Oct 18, 2017
A kite that might fly
Washington (UPI) Oct 17, 2017
Scotland outreach to Canada yields wind energy investment
Edinburgh (AFP) Oct 18, 2017
First floating wind farm starts operation in Scotland
MATRIX pitched as a game changer for used fuel dry storage
Paris (SPX) Oct 23, 2017
AREVA TN, the nuclear logistics affiliate of New AREVA, is launching an advanced used nuclear fuel storage overpack, NUHOMS MATRIX. With its improved capacity and performance, NUHOMS MATRIX addresses the challenges faced by our customers when it comes to storing used fuel safely, efficiently and competitively. The unique 2-level horizontal and modular set-up reduces the independent spent f ... more
Seoul (AFP) Oct 20, 2017
South Korea to push ahead with nuclear power plants
Seoul, South Korea (SPX) Oct 20, 2017
AREVA NP awarded contract for safety upgrades in seven reactors
Daniken, Switzerland (SPX) Oct 20, 2017
AREVA NP installs a system allowing flexible electricity generation at Goesgen nuclear power plant
A drier south: Europe's drought trends match climate change projections
Logan UT (SPX) Oct 26, 2017
On the same day that global leaders wrapped up an international water and climate summit in Rome, researchers published new findings that suggest European drought trends are lining up with climate change projections. Their study, published Oct. 25 in Scientific Reports, shows that two major drought indices are deviating from one another across Europe in a manner consistent with climate cha ... more
Riyadh (AFP) Oct 24, 2017
IMF chief warns of 'dark future' over climate change
Hanover, NH (SPX) Oct 26, 2017
Carbon dioxide levels lower than thought during super greenhouse period
Washington (UPI) Oct 24, 2017
GAO finds big U.S. costs from climate change
Tesla to build wholly-owned Shanghai plant: WSJ
Shanghai (AFP) Oct 23, 2017
Tesla has reached an agreement with Shanghai authorities that would make it the first foreign automaker to build its own plant in China, putting it in the driver's seat in the world's biggest electric-vehicle market, the Wall Street Journal reported. The Silicon Valley electric carmaker's wholly-owned manufacturing facility would be built in Shanghai's free-trade zone, the Wall Street Journa ... more
Washington (AFP) Oct 24, 2017
Delphi boosts self-driving efforts with $400 mn deal for nuTonomy
Washington (UPI) Oct 24, 2017
Study: Millions of miles of planned roads shouldn't be built
Singapore (AFP) Oct 24, 2017
Singapore to freeze number of cars on its roads
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Fierce clashes with IS near Mosul; Return of 5,600 jihadists poses major threat: Soufan
Baghdad (AFP) Oct 24, 2017
Thousands of foreign jihadists who have fled Islamic State group-held territories in Iraq and Syria could pose major security problems as they return home, a think-tank said Tuesday. At least 5,600 citizens or residents of 33 countries had returned home as IS faced devastating assaults on territories it held in Iraq and Syria, said the Soufan Center, a non-profit security analysis group. ... more
Baghdad (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
Hashed al-Shaabi: controversial force on Iraq's frontlines
Baghdad (AFP) Oct 22, 2017
Iraq's Abadi: 'hero' who tackled mission impossible
Baghdad (AFP) Oct 15, 2017
Nearly 700,000 Iraqis from war-torn Mosul still displaced: NGO
Abe aims at N. Korea after storming to 'super-majority' vote win
Tokyo (AFP) Oct 23, 2017
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged Monday to work with the US, China and Russia to contain North Korea's nuclear threat with "strong, resolute diplomacy", as he "humbly" accepted his landslide victory in a snap election. Fresh from clinching a two-thirds "super-majority" that enables the nationalist premier to realise his dream of revising Japan's pacifist constitution, Abe vowed t ... more
Baghdad (AFP) Oct 23, 2017
Iraq PM challenges Tillerson on Iran remarks
Clark, Philippines (AFP) Oct 24, 2017
Philippines says sanctions strengthen Kim as Chinese, SK defence chiefs meet
Tehran (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
Iranian sentenced to death for spying; US Navy saves Iran fishing boat from pirates
What is Xi thinking? China's leader makes the constitution
Beijing (AFP) Oct 24, 2017
China's most powerful leader in decades entered Communist Party folklore on Tuesday when cadres voted overwhelmingly to engrave the Xi Jinping way into their constitution. "Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era," adds a new section to the already-weighty party tome, and puts the 64-year-old Chinese president in distinguished company. Only two other me ... more
Hong Kong (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
Fears mount over bookseller 'freed' by China
Beijing (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
China's Xi welcomes 'objective' media at restricted event
Beijing (AFP) Oct 23, 2017
In Communist China, it's a man's world at the top
Pentagon looks at stepped-up Africa role to counter IS
Washington (AFP) Oct 24, 2017
The United States is considering a stepped-up military presence in Africa to pursue Islamic State group jihadists looking for new havens after the fall of their "caliphate," American officials say. After IS lost its de facto capital Raqa in Syria this month, and its Iraqi stronghold of Mosul earlier, the group "has aspirations to establish a larger presence" in Africa, the US military's top ... more
Washington (AFP) Oct 23, 2017
US military to pursue Niger operations after deadly attack
Washington (AFP) Oct 20, 2017
Niger raid highlights US forces' growing Africa role
Geneva (AFP) Oct 21, 2017
UN anti-torture panel suspends Rwanda trip over 'obstructions'
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA
Trump order allows Air Force to tackle pilot shortage
Washington (AFP) Oct 20, 2017
President Donald Trump has signed an executive order allowing the Air Force to bring up to 1,000 pilots back to active duty as it grapples with an aviator shortage, the Pentagon said Friday. The Air Force has complained for years that it is struggling to retain pilots, who are often lured away by better-paying commercial airlines. Additionally, pilots often choose to leave the military d ... more
Chicago IL (SPX) Oct 26, 2017
UChicago astrophysicists to catch particles from deep space on NASA balloon mission
Edwards AFB CA (SPX) Oct 23, 2017
Highly flexible wings tested
Athens (AFP) Oct 19, 2017
Greece defends F-16 warplane upgrade amid cost criticism
Brie trade agreement: China lifts soft cheese ban
Beijing (AFP) Oct 23, 2017
Fans of soft cheeses in China have reason to celebrate after the country reversed a ban on mould-ripened cheeses, allowing imports of Camembert, Brie and Roquefort, European Union officials said Monday. From early September, businesses in the country were forbidden from importing cheeses made with certain moulds and bacteria. The ban was lifted following meetings last week between Europe ... more
Gwadar, Pakistan (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
At a forgotten Pakistan port, China paves a new Silk Road
Tokyo (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
Japan bank CEO quits over claims of $2.2 bn in bad loans
Paris (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
France seeks 'green veto' in EU-Canada trade deal
NATO ill-prepared for a Russian attack: report
Berlin (AFP) Oct 20, 2017
NATO would be incapable of rebuffing an attack by Russia on its eastern flank, according to an internal report by the alliance cited Friday by German magazine Der Spiegel. The document, entitled "Progress Report on the Strengthened Deterrence and Defence Capability of the Alliance", identified significant deficiencies. "NATO's ability to logistically support rapid reinforcement in the st ... more
Beijing (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
China's new leadership: Ageing men seen as no threat to Xi
Beijing (AFP) Oct 24, 2017
Xi joins Mao in Communist constitution, tightening grip on China
Beijing (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
'Xi Dada' casts a long shadow over China
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Nobel laureate wants global environment court
Tegucigalpa (AFP) Oct 24, 2017
Nobel Peace Prize laureate Tawakkul Karman proposed in Honduras on Tuesday the creation of a global tribunal to prosecute executives of multinational firms who damage the earth. Karman, of Yemen, made the suggestion in the Central American country that Amnesty International last year described - along with its neighbor Guatemala - as the most dangerous in the world for environmentalists. ... more
Washington (UPI) Oct 24, 2017
Levels of microplastics in the Baltic have remained constant for 30 years
New Delhi (AFP) Oct 24, 2017
India top court bans dirty fuel to fight Delhi's bad air
Santiago (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
Chile to ban plastic bags in coastal regions
17 climbers dead after avalanche in Mongolia
Ulaanbaatar (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
The death toll from an avalanche in Mongolia rose to 17 on Wednesday after rescuers found the bodies of seven missing climbers who had ignored a ban on climbing a mountain. The Mongolian nationals went missing on Sunday after climbing the 4,021-metre (13,192 foot) Mount Otgontenger, the National Emergency Management Agency said. The group was made up of four women and 13 men aged 30 to 5 ... more
The Hague (AFP) Oct 24, 2017
Sophisticated DNA labs unveiled to help trace the missing
Washington (AFP) Oct 24, 2017
US Congress passes $36.5 bn in hurricane, wildfire aid
San Juan (AFP) Oct 20, 2017
Mayor of Puerto Rican capital a fighter who took on Trump
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