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Oil News and Gas News
October 02, 2017
U.S. data show petroleum supply and consumer demand dropped

Washington (UPI) Sep 29, 2017
U.S. crude oil production slowed down during the summer, measures of consumer demand for fuels declined and imports are drying up, data from the industry show. Data from the American Petroleum Institute show total petroleum deliveries, a broad-based gauge of total demand, was up 1.3 percent in August when compared with last year. Pointing to recent data from the government, Hazem Arafa, the director of statistics for API, said a strong economy means strong demand. "Strong economic growth ... read more

Russian budget deficit revised lower
Washington (UPI) Sep 29, 2017
With oil prices holding steadily above $50 per barrel, the Russian government said Friday it revised its estimate for the budget deficit lower by 5 percent. ... more
Oil prices in soft decline early Friday in weak consumer spending
Washington (UPI) Sep 29, 2017
Data showing weak consumer spending in the United States and signs of oil in the Kurdish north of Iraq helped push crude oil prices slightly lower early Friday. ... more
Barents Sea oil and gas search effort comes up empty
Washington (UPI) Sep 29, 2017
For the second time this week, the Norwegian government said efforts to find new reserves close to existing production areas in the Barents Sea came up empty. ... more
Minnesota hears it from both sides over Enbridge oil pipeline
Washington (UPI) Sep 29, 2017
State leaders in Minnesota heard from both sides of the debate over a multibillion dollar effort by Enbridge to expand a controversial crude oil pipeline. ... more
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Sanchez Energy unfazed by Hurricane Harvey
Washington (UPI) Sep 27, 2017
U.S. shale exploration and production company Sanchez Energy said its production from its assets in Texas was accelerating even after Hurricane Harvey. ... more
Turkey upbeat about economic potential
Washington (UPI) Sep 27, 2017
Buoyed by energy ambitions, but concerned with national security, the Turkish government said it was bent on maintaining robust economic growth. ... more
Share value for giant Israeli gas field revised higher
Washington (UPI) Sep 27, 2017
The value present in the Leviathan gas field off the coast of Israel was revised higher for one of the drilling partners, an independent review found. ... more
Europe still needs us, Gazprom says
Washington (UPI) Sep 27, 2017
Russian energy company Gazprom said that, because of dwindling resources of its own, the European market was still largely dependent on its natural gas. ... more
Crude oil prices up after Turkey threatens to close Kurdish pipeline
Washington (UPI) Sep 27, 2017
Turkey's threat to close a Kurdish oil pipeline, potentially disrupting production of one half million barrels per day, sent global crude prices upward on Wednesday. ... more
Texas energy sector okay after Harvey, Fed survey finds
Washington (UPI) Sep 27, 2017
Respondents to a survey from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas said Hurricane Harvey should have only a modest, but lingering, impact on the energy sector. ... more

Kiir tells South Sudan police to work with UN

No luck in finding new oil in Barents Sea
Washington (UPI) Sep 27, 2017
There was no luck in finding new oil near a field in the Barents Sea that had its size revised higher earlier this year, a Norwegian energy regulator said. ... more
LNG could be the answer for ASEAN
Washington (UPI) Sep 27, 2017
After 50 years, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations need to coordinate on energy issues and consider LNG as a basis for cooperation, analysis finds. ... more
Summer best time to back out of OPEC deal, Russia says
Washington (UPI) Sep 27, 2017
It's best to draw out of the OPEC-led effort to balance the market with production cuts during the summer when demand is high, Russia's energy minister said. ... more
Crude oil rally extends on strong U.S. economic figures
Washington (UPI) Sep 27, 2017
Strong showing for the pace of U.S. economic growth in the second quarter gave further strength Thursday to the sustained rally in crude oil prices. ... more

With extra sugar, leaves get fat too
Upton, NY (SPX) Sep 26, 2017
Eat too much without exercising and you'll probably put on a few pounds. As it turns out, plant leaves do something similar. In a new study at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory, scientists show that retaining sugars in plant leaves can make them get fat too. In plants, this extra fat accumulation could be a good thing. It could help turn plants into factories f ... more
Washington DC (SPX) Oct 02, 2017
Algae with light switch
Providence RI (SPX) Sep 13, 2017
Researchers develop 3-D-printed biomaterials that degrade on demand
Chicago IL (SPX) Sep 27, 2017
Illinois researchers develop gene circuit design strategy to advance synthetic biology
India gets lending support for a greener grid
Washington (UPI) Sep 27, 2017
Regional lenders said Thursday they were offering hundreds of millions of dollars in loans to support the greening up of the power sector in India. The Asian Development Bank and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank said they were backing $500 million in government-backed loans and another $500 million in non-sovereign support for the Power Grid Corp. of India. "We are please ... more
Thuwal, Saudi Arabia (SPX) Oct 02, 2017
A little tension yields enormous solar crystals
Washington (UPI) Sep 22, 2017
International Trade Commission finds injury in solar industry dispute
Washington (UPI) Sep 29, 2017
France gets green light for green support schemes
Germany gets economic lift with wind energy
Washington (UPI) Sep 22, 2017
With the start of construction of a new wind farm off the coast of Germany, officials said the nation's economy was supported through low-carbon efforts. German energy company E.ON, with support from Norway's Statoil, hosted a ceremony to mark the start of construction for the Arkona offshore wind farm, which formally started in late August. Christian Pegel, a regional Germany en ... more
Washington (UPI) Sep 20, 2017
French energy company to build wind power sector in India
Washington DC (SPX) Sep 19, 2017
Finding better wind energy potential with the new European Wind Atlas
Washington (UPI) Sep 7, 2017
Last of the 67 turbines for a British wind farm installed
BWXT awarded contract extension for nuclear waste facility operations
Washington (UPI) Sep 27, 2017
Nuclear Waste Partnership LLC has received a contract extension for management and operations at the U.S. Department of Energy's Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, the company announced Thursday. The three-year extension, worth an estimated $928 million, provides cost incentives for safe and efficient operations. It also includes an option for two years of additional work. The Nuclear ... more
Abu Dhabi (AFP) Sept 25, 2017
UAE to open Arab Gulf's first nuclear reactor in 2018
Saint Petersburg (AFP) Sept 22, 2017
Russia floats out powerful nuclear icebreaker
London (AFP) Sept 20, 2017
Against rising headwinds, UK pushes ahead with nuclear projects
Cost of climate disasters to reach half of US growth in a decade: report
Washington (AFP) Sept 27, 2017
Economic losses from severe storms, hurricanes, floods, drought and wildfires are projected to reach at least $360 billion a year in the next decade in America, about half of annual US growth, according to a report out Wednesday. Since some kinds of severe weather can be made worse or more frequent by climate change, action is needed to move the United States away from fossil fuels and towar ... more
Sydney (AFP) Sept 28, 2017
Drought not dingos behind mainland Australia tiger extinction: study
Chicago IL (SPX) Sep 21, 2017
Science denial not limited to political right
Ottawa (AFP) Sept 20, 2017
Canada Tory MP called out for referring to minister as 'climate Barbie'
German police arrest another Audi employee over 'dieselgate'
Frankfurt Am Main (AFP) Sept 28, 2017
German prosecutors on Thursday said they had arrested a second employee of luxury carmaker Audi as part of a probe into parent company Volkswagen's emissions cheating scandal. The arrest on Wednesday came after investigators searched two premises, a spokeswoman for the prosecution's office in the southern city of Munich told AFP. She added that prosecutors had also widened their investig ... more
New Delhi (AFP) Sept 29, 2017
Tata wins bid to make electric cars for Indian government
Paris (AFP) Oct 1, 2017
Paris experiments with 'car-free day' across the city
Beijing (AFP) Sept 28, 2017
China delays electric car quota until 2019
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Shiite pilgrims throng Iraq's Karbala for mourning ritual
Karbala, Iraq (AFP) Oct 1, 2017
Hundreds of thousands of Shiite Muslim pilgrims gathered in the Iraqi shrine city of Karbala on Sunday for ceremonies marking the seventh-century killing of the Prophet Mohammed's grandson. Some 25,000 members of the security forces were deployed to protect the pilgrims, who in the past have faced attacks from Sunni extremists including the Islamic State group. This year's ceremonies wer ... more
Baghdad (AFP) Sept 29, 2017
Iraq forces attack IS-held town of Hawija
Ramadi, Iraq (AFP) Sept 27, 2017
Iraq says defeats IS infiltration near Ramadi
Baghdad (AFP) Sept 25, 2017
Iraq since the US-led invasion
Negotiating with North Korea a waste of time: Trump
Washington (AFP) Oct 1, 2017
US President Donald Trump warned Sunday that negotiating with North Korea over its nuclear program would be a waste of time, after it emerged that Washington has channels of contact with Pyongyang. Only hours after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson revealed that US officials are in exploratory contact with their North Korean counterparts, Trump appeared to undercut his top diplomat by declari ... more
Stockholm (AFP) Sept 28, 2017
2017 Nobels to turn page on Dylan, anti-nuke buzz for peace prize
Oslo (AFP) Oct 1, 2017
Norway agrees to host Israeli nuclear whistleblower
Beijing (AFP) Sept 28, 2017
N. Korean firms in China ordered to close by January
Hundreds mark third anniversary of Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement
Hong Kong (AFP) Sept 28, 2017
Hundreds gathered outside the government headquarters in Hong Kong Thursday to mark the third anniversary of mass pro-democracy rallies known as the Umbrella Movement, as fears grow over Beijing's tightening grip on the city. Tens of thousands blocked major thoroughfares in the city for 79 days starting September 28, 2014 to call for fully free leadership elections in the city, in a movement ... more
Beijing (AFP) Sept 29, 2017
China's Communist Party expels top member ahead of congress
Taipei (AFP) Sept 25, 2017
'Sing! China' concert in Taiwan halted amid protests
Beijing (AFP) Sept 26, 2017
Interpol meets in Beijing as China hunts for fugitives
Ghanaian villagers profit from monkey business
Tafi Atome, Ghana (AFP) Sept 27, 2017
The villagers of Tafi Atome, in Ghana's Volta Region, grew up listening to tales of their spiritual links to the 1,000 or so mona monkeys that inhabit the surrounding lush forest. But they have also turned that reverence into revenue, by making the cheeky primates part of an eco-tourist attraction that benefits both animals and locals alike. Francis Acquaye, the manager of the Tafi Atome ... more
Geneva, Switzerland (SPX) Sep 27, 2017
The link between drought and riots in sub-Saharan Africa
Bamako (AFP) Sept 21, 2017
New ceasefire signed by armed groups
United Nations, United States (AFP) Sept 22, 2017
C. Africa asks UN to send more peacekeepers, ease arms embargo
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA
Pilot shortage plagues Air Force
Washington (UPI) Sep 25, 2017
The U.S. Air Force is more than 1,500 pilots short of its requirements, with senior service leaders warning the problem has potentially dire consequences. The pilot and aircrew shortage was discussed at a meeting Friday of more than 60 leaders at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. "We are in a crisis," Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David L. Goldfein said at the day-long Aircrew Summ ... more
Tianjin, China (AFP) Sept 20, 2017
Airbus opens first plane-completion centre in China
Washington (UPI) Sep 15, 2017
Israel receives F-35 aircraft
London (AFP) Sept 27, 2017
UK warns Boeing over Bombardier trade row
US commerce secretary hopeful about Trump-Xi trade talks
Hong Kong (AFP) Sept 27, 2017
US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross on Wednesday said he was optimistic about trade talks between President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping when they meet in November. The US tycoon regularly bashed China during last year's presidential election campaign, accusing it of unfair trade practices, stealing US jobs and threatening to label it a currency manipulator. But sinc ... more
Beijing (AFP) Sept 30, 2017
Chinese manufacturing accelerates for second straight month
Bangkok (AFP) Sept 28, 2017
Myanmar's conflict-hit Rakhine a magnet for Chinese cash
Beijing (AFP) Sept 26, 2017
US commerce secretary says to focus on reducing defict with China
Hong Kong lawmaker guilty of desecrating Chinese flag
Hong Kong (AFP) Sept 29, 2017
A Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmaker on Friday was found guilty of "desecrating" the Chinese and Hong Kong flags by turning them upside down in parliament, but escaped a prison sentence. Cheng Chung-tai upended small Chinese and Hong Kong flags that some pro-Beijing legislators had displayed on their desks in the legislative assembly last October. The incident happened during a feisty sess ... more
Washington (AFP) Sept 28, 2017
Seesaw US-China ties on an upswing as Trump plans trip
Washington (AFP) Sept 29, 2017
Trump accepts Duterte's ASEAN summit invite after all
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 28, 2017
Japan opposition unites in election bid to topple Abe
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I.Coast toxic spill victims launch new Dutch court bid
Amsterdam (AFP) Sept 27, 2017
Lawyers for tens of thousands of victims poisoned by a 2006 toxic spill in the Ivory Coast on Wednesday called for the company behind the dump to pay compensation at the start of a new legal battle. The multinational firm Trafigura "acted badly in disposing of its waste in the Ivory Coast" and "must pay," lawyer Bojan Dekker told an Amsterdam court. The judges must first decide whether t ... more
Washington (UPI) Sep 25, 2017
Are plastic nanoparticles causing brain damage in fish?
Nantes, France (AFP) Sept 25, 2017
The waste-collecting cyclists who caught the UN's eye
Manila (AFP) Sept 26, 2017
Nestle tackles 'ocean-polluter' tag in Philippines
NASA Damage Map Aids Puerto Rico Hurricane Response
Pasadena CA (JPL) Oct 02, 2017
A NASA-produced map showing areas of eastern Puerto Rico that were likely damaged by Hurricane Maria has been provided to responding agencies, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The hurricane, a Category 4 storm at landfall on Puerto Rico on Sept. 20, caused widespread damage and numerous casualties on the Caribbean island, an unincorporated U.S. territory with a populatio ... more
Mexico City (AFP) Sept 30, 2017
Signs of corruption emerge from rubble of Mexico quake
Cox'S Bazar, Bangladesh (AFP) Sept 30, 2017
Fear of epidemic disaster as disease stalks Rohingya camps
Comerio , Puerto Rico (AFP) Sept 29, 2017
Water from a rock: Puerto Ricans cope with hurricane aftermath

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