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Oil News and Gas News
July 31, 2017
Drilling set to begin in British shale

Washington (UPI) Jul 27, 2017
With its drilling rig on site, a British shale gas explorer said it expects to address offshore production declines with onshore operations by year's end. Cuadrilla Resources said the drilling rig used to tap wells at a shale basin have arrived at their destination in Lancashire. "With the decline of North Sea gas and our ever increasing reliance on gas imports, including shale gas imported from the United States, developing an indigenous source of natural gas is critical for U.K. energy ... read more

Nigerian media reports halt to some crude oil production
Washington (UPI) Jul 27, 2017
Nigerian media reported Thursday the federal government opted to halt crude oil exploration in part of the Niger Delta because of heightened security concerns. ... more
Alaska energy threat a new low, House leader says
Washington (UPI) Jul 27, 2017
The Trump administration walked an ethical line by using a "bag man" to threaten Alaska's energy over a healthcare vote, a leader in the U.S. House said. ... more
Norway's Statoil posts production, earnings gains
Washington (UPI) Jul 27, 2017
Norwegian energy company Statoil said Thursday improved market conditions led to a 231 percent increase in adjusted earnings for the second quarter. ... more
Russia drafts agreement to tap Iranian oil fields
Washington (UPI) Jul 27, 2017
An agreement with an Iranian engineering services company expressed mutual interest in working in the oil fields of Iran, a Russian energy company said. ... more
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Blowback likely from U.S. sanctions on Venezuela
Washington (UPI) Jul 27, 2017
Tightening sanctions on Venezuela could result on blowback in the U.S. economy by way of higher oil and gasoline prices, sector analysts said. ... more
Lots of ideas on offer for how to rewrite Venezuela's constitution
Caracas (AFP) July 30, 2017
President Nicolas Maduro and the candidates in Sunday's election for a new assembly to rewrite the constitution promise a lot: from a return to peace after months of deadly unrest to relief from economic woe in the form of subsidized food. ... more
Kuwait gets first integrated national center for defense against WMDs
Washington (UPI) Jul 27, 2017
Saab and its Kuwaiti partner have delivered the world's first integrated national center for defense against weapons of mass destruction to Kuwait. ... more
Shell's posts strong recovery, after a dismal 2016
Washington (UPI) Jul 27, 2017
Royal Dutch Shell said Thursday its profits for the second quarter were three times higher than last year, but stressed market conditions warranted discipline. ... more
Slow start for oil prices after U.S. GDP report
Washington (UPI) Jul 27, 2017
A mixed report on U.S. GDP and stable incomes reported in the European economy gave only modest support for rallying crude oil prices in early Friday trading. ... more
After LNG project scrapped, TransCanada looks for more export options
(UPI) Jul 26, 2017
There's still a need to get Canadian natural gas out of North America, energy company TransCanada said after an export option for British Columbia was scrapped. ... more

Petronas drops massive natural gas project in Canada

Africa-focused Tullow Oil cuts costs, but keeps output steady
(UPI) Jul 26, 2017
London-listed Tullow Oil, which is focused heavily on Africa, said Wednesday it was cutting costs after seeing its realized oil price drop from last year. ... more
More reserves than initially thought in the North Sea, Norway says
(UPI) Jul 26, 2017
A new oil and natural gas discovery in the Norwegian waters of the North Sea holds an estimated 30 percent more reserves than expected, the government said. ... more
U.S. inventory declines, OPEC trouble help extend oil price rally
Washington (UPI) Jul 26, 2017
A bullish report on crude oil inventories from the United States added to planned and unplanned shortages from OPEC to give oil prices another rally Wednesday. ... more
Report: Gas could be sidelined by renewables in parts of Australia
(UPI) Jul 26, 2017
With Australia monitoring natural gas demand, a consultant group found gas-fired power could get squeezed out in parts of the country as renewables get cheaper. ... more

Algae cultivation technique could advance biofuels
Pullman WA (SPX) Jul 25, 2017
Washington State University researchers have developed a way to grow algae more efficiently - in days instead of weeks - and make the algae more viable for several industries, including biofuels. Researchers would like to produce algae efficiently because of its potential environmental benefits. Oil from the algae can be used as a petroleum alternative and algae also can be used as food, f ... more
Berkeley CA (SPX) Jul 31, 2017
New light-activated catalyst grabs CO2 to make ingredients for fuel
Amherst MA (SPX) Jul 25, 2017
Fungi that evolved to eat wood offer new biomass conversion tool
Bochum, Germany (SPX) Jul 24, 2017
How enzymes produce hydrogen
Non-toxic alternative for next-generation solar cells
Cambridge UK (SPX) Jul 21, 2017
Researchers have demonstrated how a non-toxic alternative to lead could form the basis of next-generation solar cells. The team of researchers, from the University of Cambridge and the United States, have used theoretical and experimental methods to show how bismuth - the so-called "green element" which sits next to lead on the periodic table, could be used in low-cost solar cells. T ... more
Ulsan, South Korea (SPX) Jul 27, 2017
UNIST hits new world efficiency record with perovskite solar cells
Washington DC (SPX) Jul 25, 2017
Measure adds Aerial Solar Plant Inspections to Drone Services Portfolio
London, UK (SPX) Jul 27, 2017
Cubico completes acquisition of Andasol 1 and Andasol 2 concentrated solar power plants in Spain
Shale-rich Oklahoma to host mega-wind farm
Washington (UPI) Jul 27, 2017
Once operational, the Wind Catcher wind farm in Oklahoma will be the second largest in the world and largest in the United States, the companies involved said. The renewable energy division of General Electric and Invenergy, that largest independent renewable energy company in North America, announced construction is under way for the Wind Catcher wind farm in the Oklahoma panhandle. ... more
Zurich, Switzerland (SPX) Jul 24, 2017
ABB wins $30 million order to support integration of offshore wind energy in the UK
Washington (UPI) Jul 21, 2017
GE's renewables not enough to boost overall revenue
Zurich, Switzerland (SPX) Jul 18, 2017
Unbalanced wind farm planning exacerbates fluctuations
Underwater robot probes inside Fukushima reactor
Tokyo (AFP) July 21, 2017
The operator of Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear plant said Friday it is using an underwater robot in a renewed attempt to inspect damage suffered in a tsunami-induced meltdown. A massive undersea earthquake on March 11, 2011 sent a huge wave barrelling into Japan's northeast coast, killing more than 18,500 people, and sending three reactors into meltdown at the plant in the worst such acc ... more
Paris (AFP) July 28, 2017
Nuclear contaminates earnings of France's EDF
Helsinki (AFP) July 20, 2017
Finland's TVO claims partial win in Areva nuclear dispute
Washington DC (SPX) Jul 18, 2017
Laser-Armed Nuclear Icebreakers: What Russia Has in Store for Arctic
Could spraying particles into marine clouds help cool the planet
Seattle WA (SPX) Jul 26, 2017
The idea of geoengineering, also known as climate engineering, is very controversial. But as greenhouse gases continue to accumulate in our atmosphere, scientists are beginning to look at possible emergency measures. A new University of Washington study looks at the idea of marine cloud brightening, which a UW group is investigating as a promising strategy to offset global warming. The str ... more
Washington (UPI) Jul 24, 2017
New carbon-capturing membranes may reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Rome (AFP) July 25, 2017
Vatican switches off fountains as Italy battles drought
Los Angeles (AFP) July 28, 2017
Al Gore: I've given up on climate 'catastrophe' Trump
Cartel probe looms over German car industry
Frankfurt Am Main (AFP) July 24, 2017
German carmakers faced a brewing scandal Monday as suspicions grew they colluded illegally for decades, further damaging the industry's image and exposing it to massive financial risks. News weekly Der Spiegel reported Friday that German carmakers Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW and Daimler secretly worked together from the 1990s on car development, construction and logistics - including how ... more
Frankfurt Am Main (AFP) July 21, 2017
Audi voluntarily recalls up to 850,000 diesel vehicles
London (AFP) July 26, 2017
World gears up for electric cars despite bumps in road
London (AFP) July 26, 2017
UK to ban sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040
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Schoolgirls in Iraq's Mosul aim to catch up on lost years
Mosul, Iraq (AFP) July 29, 2017
Despite having fallen three years behind their peers elsewhere in Iraq, it's been mostly smiles all around for the girls at Mosul's Trablus school since it reopened its damaged gates after the jihadists fled. With a blast from her whistle to signal the end of recess, a supervisor in a black robe and white headscarf called the teenage girls back to class, during a recent visit to the school. ... more
Mosul, Iraq (AFP) July 27, 2017
In the ruins of Mosul, a hunt for the missing
Baghdad (AFP) July 27, 2017
US-trained Iraqi unit carried out Mosul executions: HRW
Qaraqosh, Iraq (AFP) July 24, 2017
Cardinal hails 'rebirth' of Iraqi Christian town
Trump vows he won't let China 'do nothing' on N. Korea
Washington (AFP) July 30, 2017
US President Donald Trump warned Saturday that he would not allow China to "do nothing" on North Korea, after the hermit state launched an intercontinental ballistic missile it boasted could reach the United States. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un boasted of his country's ability to strike any target in the US after the ICBM test that weapons experts said could even bring New York into range ... more
Pyongyang (AFP) July 27, 2017
Tears in rain: North Korea marks 'Victory Day'
Washington (UPI) Jul 27, 2017
Minuteman III ICBM support contract awarded to BAE
Washington (AFP) July 25, 2017
US detects signs of new NKorea missile test
Botswana confirms Dalai Lama visit despite China anger
Gaborone, Botswana (AFP) July 25, 2017
Botswana on Tuesday confirmed it will allow the Dalai Lama to visit next month as "a foreign dignitary" in the face of China's fierce opposition to the Tibetan spiritual leader. Beijing views the Dalai Lama as a dangerous separatist campaigning for Tibetan independence and consistently condemns foreign governments who welcome him. Botswana Foreign Minister Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi told law ... more
Beijing (AFP) July 24, 2017
China anti-graft watchdog probes Politburo member
Beijing (AFP) July 27, 2017
Chinese police detain suspected pyramid scheme protesters
Shenyang, China (AFP) July 15, 2017
Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo's ashes buried at sea
Two German UN peacekeepers killed in Mali helicopter crash
Bamako (AFP) July 26, 2017
Two German UN peacekeepers were killed Wednesday when their helicopter crashed as they were monitoring clashes in northern Mali, German and UN officials said. UN diplomats confirmed that the attack helicopter and the crew had been supplied by Germany to MINUSMA, the UN mission in Mali. "Sadly we now know that two Bundeswehr (German army) soldiers have given their lives for our country," ... more
Bamako (AFP) July 27, 2017
Mali broadcaster, govt critic, gets jail for 'incitement'
Beijing (AFP) July 26, 2017
China warns Botswana over Dalai Lama visit
Toubacouta, Senegal (AFP) July 20, 2017
Peace deal eludes Senegal's Casamance, 35 years on
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA
Boeing, U.S. military finish EMP testing on KC-46 tanker
Washington (UPI) Jul 27, 2017
A joint team composed of teams from Boeing, the Air Force, and the Naval Air Systems command have completed a series of tests for the KC-46 tanker aircraft's resistance to electromagnetic radiation. The testing took place at Naval Air Station Patuxent, Md. electromagnetic pulse laboratory and the Benefield Anechoic Facility at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. "The KC-46 tanker is p ... more
Washington (UPI) Jul 14, 2017
France and Germany announce new joint fighter program
Washington (UPI) Jul 13, 2017
Honeywell, Pratt and Whitney contracted by Air Force for power system support
Washington (UPI) Jul 25, 2017
Lockheed Martin receives contract for work on Israeli F-35s
China's Xi calls for more imports and more 'open economy'
Beijing (AFP) July 18, 2017
Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for an increase in imports and fewer restrictions for foreign investors as Beijing comes under pressure from the US and Europe to provide a more level playing field for companies in the country. Donald Trump has railed against China's massive trade surplus while the European Union and US companies have complained about a lack of access to the huge mark ... more
Seoul (AFP) July 27, 2017
S. Korea's growth slows in Q2 amid falling exports
Beijing (AFP) July 26, 2017
China to change state-owned firms into corporations
Beijing (AFP) July 23, 2017
China cashing out as mobile payment soars
New chief of staff John Kelly a retired Marine general
Washington (AFP) July 28, 2017
John Kelly, US President Donald Trump's new chief of staff, is a retired Marine Corps general who had been serving as secretary of the immense Department of Homeland Security after 45 years in uniform. Kelly, 67, has a reputation for straight talk and will need to bring all of his toughness and organizational talent to bear in his new job as he seeks to right a White House which has frequent ... more
Beijing (AFP) July 27, 2017
China and India locked in high-stakes, high-altitude border row
Beijing (AFP) July 30, 2017
China military parade marks 90th anniversary of PLA
Tallinn (AFP) July 30, 2017
US vice president Pence starts Baltic tour in Estonia
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'Omnipresent' effects of human impact on England's landscape revealed
Leicester UK (SPX) Jul 31, 2017
'Omnipresent' signs demonstrating the effects of human impact on England's landscape have been revealed by researchers from the University of Leicester. Concrete structures forming a new, human-made rock type; ash particles in the landscape; and plastic debris are just a few of the new materials irreversibly changing England's landscape and providing evidence of the effects of the Anthropo ... more
Meulaboh, Indonesia (AFP) July 26, 2017
Dozens hospitalised in Indonesia as thick haze spreads
Paris (AFP) July 24, 2017
Pioneering Paris canal swimming spot closed due to pollution
Leipzig, Germany (SPX) Jul 31, 2017
Environmental toxins are impacting Lake Baikal
Smart sensors could save lives
Thuwal, Saudi Arabia (SPX) Jul 25, 2017
In an emergency, early warning is key to escaping from a hazard, such as a forest fire or a chemical leak. Motivated to improve on safety, a team from KAUST is using 3D printing to develop a cheap, reliable system to signal danger. Existing early warning systems rely on satellite monitoring, watch towers or expensive fixed sensors. The system, developed by a team led by Associate Professor ... more
Washington DC (SPX) Jul 25, 2017
New phase change mechanism could lead to new class of chemical vapor sensors
Tokyo (AFP) July 23, 2017
Robot finds possible melted fuel inside Fukushima reactor
Kathmandu (AFP) July 21, 2017
Cheap 3D printed prosthetics could be game changer for Nepal

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