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Oil News and Gas News
June 30, 2017
Oilfield services company Wood Group sees only modest recovery

Washington (UPI) Jun 29, 2017
Oilfield services company Wood Group said it was seeing signs of only minor recovery in the energy market, even as it lands a new offshore contract. "In the first half [of the year], we have seen continued challenges in our core oil and gas market with modest recovery only in certain areas," the company said in a statement Thursday. Profits for full-year 2016 were 62 percent lower than the previous year, which the company said matched its expectations. Looking forward to a 2017 ma ... read more

Largest floating LNG facility sets sail for home field in Australia
Washington (UPI) Jun 29, 2017
A floating production facility that will be used to tap into the natural gas reserves off the coast of Australia has left the shipyard, Shell said Thursday. ... more
Texas oil optimism entrenched, but clouds linger
Washington (UPI) Jun 29, 2017
Economists in Texas said the ability to do more with less in the energy sector is a source of optimism, but broader trade issues could present headwinds. ... more
Shell endorses climate task-force recommendations
Washington (UPI) Jun 29, 2017
The first in the industry, Royal Dutch Shell said it's aligned with a transparency measure on climate steered by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. ... more
Oil extends rally by another day
Washington (UPI) Jun 29, 2017
The rally in oil prices extended into Thursday in a sign the market has bounced off recent lows, though lingering economic concerns could undercut momentum. ... more
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New drilling slated for pioneer area in the Barents Sea
Washington (UPI) Jun 29, 2017
The Norwegian government said it gave a permit to explore for new reserves in waters north of the Johan Castberg field in the Barents Sea. ... more
British report eyes lower cost for North Sea decommissioning
Washington (UPI) Jun 29, 2017
A report published Thursday on the capital needed to take down British oil and gas infrastructure said major changes are needed to drive down costs. ... more
Hoax or not, Venezuela chopper caper spells trouble
Caracas (AFP) June 29, 2017
Venezuelans disagree on whether a helicopter grenade attack claimed by rogue cops was a coup or a hoax. Either way, it shows security forces risk turning against the government. ... more
No problem, Russian oil company says after cyberattack
Washington (UPI) Jun 28, 2017
Russian oil producer Rosneft, one of the first to admit its systems were hit by Tuesday's cyberthreat, said production was unaffected by the attack. ... more
Washington: An energy-dominant U.S. is free from external shocks
Washington (UPI) Jun 28, 2017
An energy-dominant United States means the country is self-reliant and isolated from countries that aim to use energy as a weapon, the energy secretary said. ... more
Mixed start for crude oil prices as investors examine competing data
Washington (UPI) Jun 28, 2017
A brief rally in crude oil prices came under pressure early Wednesday as the broker market responded to a surprise build in inventory levels. ... more

Africa-focused Tullow Oil cuts spending guidance by 20 percent

New gas coming from revitalized North Sea region
(UPI) Jun 28, 2017
Getting natural gas delivered on time from a field in the British waters of the North Sea re-establishes the area as a regional hub, a Spanish company said. ... more
Lundin barely holds on as operator of North Sea field
(UPI) Jun 28, 2017
The Norwegian subsidiary of Lundin Petroleum said Wednesday it nabbed more than $90 million for a stake in a North Sea operation. ... more
Gazprom reviews role in Turkish gas business
(UPI) Jun 28, 2017
Russian natural gas company Gazprom said it was reconsidering its direct role in the Turkish market, but remained keen on Turkey as a transit partner. ... more
U.S. now supplying LNG to South Korea
Washington (UPI) Jun 26, 2017
A gas company from Korea, one of the largest buyers of liquefied natural gas in the world, said it commenced a sales agreement with a U.S. supplier. ... more

Regulating the indirect land use carbon emissions imposes high hidden costs on fuel
Chicago IL (SPX) Jun 28, 2017
Farmers earn more profits when there is demand for corn for biofuel instead of for food only. This can lead some to convert grasslands and forests to cropland. This conversion, also called indirect land use change, can have large-scale environmental consequences, including releasing stored carbon into the atmosphere. To penalize the carbon emissions from this so-called indirect land use ch ... more
Adelaide, Australia (SPX) Jun 27, 2017
New catalyst paves way for carbon neutral fuel
Champaign IL (SPX) Jun 22, 2017
Corn better used as food than biofuel
Stanford CA (SPX) Jun 22, 2017
Discovery could lead to sustainable ethanol made from carbon dioxide
Air pollution casts shadow over solar energy production
Durham NC (SPX) Jun 28, 2017
Global solar energy production is taking a major hit due to air pollution and dust. According to a new study, airborne particles and their accumulation on solar cells are cutting energy output by more than 25 percent in certain parts of the world. The regions hardest hit are also those investing the most in solar energy installations: China, India and the Arabian Peninsula. The study ... more
Wesel, Germany (SPX) Jun 26, 2017
SOVENTIX and Gentec EPC sign a joint venture agreement to develop solar hybrid projects across Nigeria
Washington DC (UPI) Jun 24, 2017
Pacific island nations get renewable energy support
Zurich, Switzerland (SPX) Jun 28, 2017
ABB microgrid to power Aruba and support transition to renewable energy
Thrive Renewables delivers mezzanine funded wind farms in Scotland
Bristol UK (SPX) Jun 22, 2017
With over 20 years in sustainable investment, Thrive Renewables, (previously Triodos Renewables) has provided mezzanine loans for two wind farms in Scotland that will have a combined total capacity of 11.5MW which will generate and deliver clean, smart energy to the UK grid. Once built, these projects will be able to generate enough green electricity for 7,760[1] homes. In partnership with ... more
Beijing, China (SPX) Jun 12, 2017
It's a breeze: How to harness the power of the wind
Washington (UPI) Jun 5, 2017
ADB: Asia-Pacific growth tied to renewables
Anaheim, CA (SPX) May 28, 2017
GE Energy Financial Services Surpasses $15 Billion in Renewable Energy Investments
UK nuclear plant to cost consumers billions more
London (AFP) June 23, 2017
A highly-controversial UK government deal for the new Hinkley Point nuclear power plant will cost British energy consumers billions more pounds than forecast, the country's National Audit Office said Friday. "The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy's deal for Hinkley Point C has locked consumers into a risky and expensive project with uncertain strategic and economic bene ... more
Paris (SPX) Jun 26, 2017
AREVA obtains transport license for its new cask in France and Belgium
Toronto, Canada (SPX) Jun 26, 2017
NWMO to Focus Field Studies on Fewer Communities
Tokyo (AFP) June 23, 2017
Toshiba delays results again citing US nuclear unit
EU girds for stormy G20, climate battle with Trump
Berlin (AFP) June 29, 2017
European leaders vowed Thursday to defend the landmark Paris climate pact at a G20 summit next week, setting them on collision course with US President Donald Trump at what is expected to be a stormy meeting. Leaders of Germany, France, Italy and other EU economies acknowledged their long standing ties with Washington but said they would not give in on "existential" threats like global warmi ... more
Washington (AFP) June 29, 2017
Trump 'proud' of leaving Paris climate deal
Brussels (AFP) June 27, 2017
US mayors bypass Trump to back Paris climate goals
Paris (AFP) June 30, 2017
Half-a-degree of warming boosted extreme weather
Electric vehicles inefficient way to reduce CO2 emissions: study
Montreal (AFP) June 22, 2017
Subsidizing the purchase of electric cars in Canada is an inefficient way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that is not cost effective, according to a Montreal Economic Institute study released Thursday. "It's just a waste," said Germain Belzile, one of the authors of the study, which examined electric vehicle subsidies offered by Canada's two biggest provinces Ontario and Quebec, which can ... more
Beijing (Sputnik) Jun 26, 2017
China's Futuristic Elevated Bus Scrapped, Accused of Being a Scam
Beijing (AFP) June 28, 2017
S.Korean cars recalled in China as row hits sales
Washington (UPI) Jun 27, 2017
New Zealand puts more emphasis on electric vehicles
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Sniper's shot puts focus on Canada's Iraq role
Ottawa (AFP) June 27, 2017
Canada's supposed non-combat role in Iraq is being questioned after a special forces sniper took out an IS fighter in Iraq. But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday would have none of it, saying Canadian troops training Kurdish fighters have orders to also fight in defense of coalition soldiers. "I can tell you that defending our allies in the coalition has been an integral part of o ... more
Chicago (AFP) June 27, 2017
US court halts deportations of Iraqi nationals
Mosul, Iraq (AFP) June 25, 2017
Iraq forces push deep into devastated Old Mosul
Mosul, Iraq (AFP) June 22, 2017
Mosul's 'hunchback' minaret: Iraq's beloved landmark
N.Korea conducts rocket engine test: US official
Seoul (AFP) June 23, 2017
North Korea has tested a rocket engine that could be fitted to an intercontinental ballistic missile, a US official said, in an apparent provocation ahead of a summit between President Donald Trump and the leader of South Korea. President Moon Jae-In heads to Washington next week to meet Trump for the first time since taking office in May, as tensions soar on the Korean peninsula over Kim Jo ... more
Riga (AFP) June 27, 2017
Latvia fines banks for breaking North Korea sanctions
Seoul (AFP) June 27, 2017
N.Korea likens Trump to Hitler
Washington (AFP) June 29, 2017
South Korean president lobbies US leaders on North Korea policy
Hong Kong in Beijing's shadow 20 years after handover
Hong Kong (AFP) June 27, 2017
When Xi Jinping lands in Hong Kong on Thursday for the first time since becoming China's president, he will step into a deeply divided city uncertain of its future. The visit marks 20 years since Hong Kong was handed back to China by Britain and comes at a time when many fear the semi-autonomous city's freedoms are being lost to an ever more assertive Beijing. Protests are expected duri ... more
Beijing (AFP) June 28, 2017
Hong Kong's allure fading in mainland China
Shanghai (AFP) June 23, 2017
'Pee Park'? China tries to correct bad translations
Beijing (AFP) June 27, 2017
China rejects US criticism over Nobel laureate's treatment
Mali relaunches beleagured peace process
Bamako (AFP) June 24, 2017
Mali's government and armed groups which signed a 2015 peace deal have relaunched talks aimed at speeding up its implementation after several delays, they told AFP Saturday. The accord signed in 2015 aimed at curbing separatist uprisings in Mali's north after a 2012 rebellion was hijacked by jihadists, throwing the nation into chaos. But several of its key planks have yet to be fully imp ... more
Bangui, Central African Republic (AFP) June 20, 2017
Clashes erupt in C. Africa a day after peace deal
Bamako (AFP) June 20, 2017
Mali ex-rebels reject national charter on peace deal anniversary; Dozens killedw/l
Bangui, Central African Republic (AFP) June 19, 2017
C. Africa govt inks peace deal with rebel groups
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA
NASA Completes Milestone Toward Quieter Supersonic X-Plane
Washington DC (SPX) Jun 27, 2017
NASA has achieved a significant milestone in its effort to make supersonic passenger jet travel over land a real possibility by completing the preliminary design review (PDR) of its Quiet Supersonic Transport or QueSST aircraft design. QueSST is the initial design stage of NASA's planned Low Boom Flight Demonstration (LBFD) experimental airplane, otherwise known as an X-plane. Senior exper ... more
Washington (UPI) Jun 27, 2017
State Department approves India for C-17 buy
Washington (UPI) Jun 29, 2017
Lockheed receives $257.8 million modification to F-35 contract
Washington (UPI) Jun 28, 2017
Australia seeks specially-equipped Gulfstream aircraft
China factory activity picks up but analysts warn on growth
Beijing (AFP) June 30, 2017
An indicator of Chinese manufacturing activity beat forecasts in June but analysts warned that Friday's surprising result belied a slowdown in the world's second-largest economy. The reading comes as the country loses momentum with policymakers putting the brakes on lending following years of debt-fuelled investment that has raised fears of a financial crisis that could blow out globally. ... more
Hong Kong (AFP) June 27, 2017
Best foot forward: Hong Kong's military-style youth groups
Beijing (AFP) June 23, 2017
China regulator inspects loans to major firms: Wanda
Beijing (AFP) June 27, 2017
China to meet growth targets, says Li
Massive military parade for Xi as Hong Kong activists freed
Hong Kong (AFP) June 30, 2017
Tanks, missile launchers and chanting troops greeted President Xi Jinping in a potent display of Chinese military might Friday as part of his landmark visit to politically divided Hong Kong. The show of force came hours after activists were released from police custody following their arrest over a protest. Xi arrived in the city on Thursday to mark 20 years since Hong Kong was returned ... more
Washington (AFP) June 29, 2017
Beijing's South China Sea outposts nearly set for missile deployment
United Nations, United States (AFP) June 29, 2017
Under US pressure, UN agrees on deep cuts to peacekeeping
Beijing (AFP) June 29, 2017
Australia accused of spying on China: Chinese media
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Scientists probe role of sunscreen in accelerating coral reef decline
Washington (UPI) Jun 21, 2017
When marine biologist Craig Downs first visited the turquoise-blue waters of Trunk Bay in the Virgin Islands National Park in St. John in 2005, he arrived on a crucial mission: Find out why the health of the park's coral reefs was declining. Downs, part of a team of experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the University of Central Florida and the University of ... more
West Tabir, Indonesia (AFP) June 21, 2017
Risky gold rush: Indonesia tackles illegal mining boom
Firozabad, India (AFP) June 25, 2017
Facing ruin, India's ancient glass artists blame the Taj
Athens (AFP) June 22, 2017
Athens rubbish piles up as Greeks protest contracts
Ex-bosses stand trial over 2011 Fukushima crisis in Japan
Tokyo (AFP) June 30, 2017
Three former executives from the operator of Japan's tsunami-stricken Fukushima nuclear plant went on trial Friday, the only people ever to face a criminal court in connection with the 2011 meltdowns that left swathes of countryside uninhabitable. Ex-Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) chairman Tsunehisa Katsumata, 77, and former vice presidents Sakae Muto, 66, and Ichiro Takekuro, 71, all pleaded ... more
Beijing (AFP) June 27, 2017
China lowers number of missing in landslide to 73
Ithaca NY (SPX) Jun 28, 2017
Rising seas could result in 2 billion refugees by 2100
Beijing (AFP) June 27, 2017
New landslide hits China disaster area

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